Dobbs Management Service, LLC (DMS) is the Memphis-based family office of the John Hull Dobbs Family. We have been in business since 1920 when James K. Dobbs, the father of John Hull Dobbs, entered the automobile business. This initial business was so successful it led to almost of 80 years of leadership in the auto industry as well as successful investments in many other industries. These investments include:

  • a chain of automobile dealerships
  • Dobbs Houses, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange traded public company engaged in the restaurant and airline catering business
  • Premier Distributing, an Anheuser-Busch distributorship operating in the state of New Mexico
  • Three Rivers Holdings, Inc., a Medicaid Health Plan holding company with operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee., Delaware and South Carolina.

Dobbs Family members currently include second generation member, John Hull Dobbs, Sr., and third generation members, Kirby Dobbs, John Dobbs, Jr. Julie Dobbs Allen and Edward Dobbs. Edward is a full time employee of DMS, and he is leading the family effort to start or acquire new businesses.

Through its team of family members and professionals, DMS is now actively engaged in both active business and passive investment management.

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